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Motivation To Succeed

Hello and welcome to this blog, I’m Liam and I want to share our story with you and everything we have learned along the way. I’m still learning everyday and I will continue to update this site as I keep moving on. If we help one person then I haven’t wasted my time.

So the last few years have been tough for everyone. My wife was made redundant twice in as many years and my job was also at risk for a long enough period. We were scared, stressed out, angry. It was a real eye opener, you suddenly see a side of humanity thats ugly and people become driven by self preservation at your expense, you can understand that.

My wife was in medical sales, her heart wasn’t in it anymore so when the second redundancy came we turned it into an opportunity. We were tired of never having control of our lives, of busting a gut for someone else to prosper, of the uncertainty. So we struck out on our own path. She had always loved photography and she wanted to become a wedding photographer so we just decided that’s what she would do.

She did a load of courses and got setup with the bare minimum of kit, started putting herself out there doing a few weddings for friends and that then gave me enough material to use for a website. I had no idea how to build a website, what was involved in marketing it and optimising it for google, how to get traffic to it, how to use adwords or even how to register a business and fill out a tax return. I had thousands of questions but we figured it out over the last few years and my wife now has a wonderfully successful wedding photography company. Clarissa Lloyd Photography.

She has never been happier, for the first time in her life she is in control of her own destiny and now she loves everyday of her life instead of dreading 5 out of 7 every week. My life is so much better now because she is happy, and I am also starting to apply what I have learned to new ventures. It’s amazing how doors start opening when you don’t stop knocking them down.

That’s why this blog has been setup, to share what we have learned, to give something back to this world. Everyone stumbles, everyone falls, If this helps just one person get back up then I have made a difference, I mattered.


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