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Getting Started With WordPress

Getting started with wordpress. Don’t panic, setting up wordpress is incredibly easy, in fact their famed slogan of a “5 minute install” isn’t far off.

The first port of call is getting a domain name. The domain name is the address of your website, the part you type in to a browser, such as this site

The best and by far the easiest way to get a domain name is to do it at the same time you sign up for a hosting package. I would highly recommend HostGator as I have been using them for years now and I think they are great value for money and their support is excellent. In my early days I made lots of mistakes and they sorted them all out for me through live chat.

Choosing your domain name is important as it the first thing your customers or clients will see. Here are some tips to help you decide on your domain name:

  • keep if fairly short. The longer the Url is that you choose the harder it is for people to remember it correctly.
  • Make it memorable if you can.
  • Use keywords. Keywords are search terms that people like you and I type into google to find what we want. If you choose a term that is applicable to you and is also a term that has a high volume of search enquiries it will increase your chances of people finding your site. Just ask yourself the question ‘what would I type into google to find the service that I am offering?’.
  • Make it relevant and descriptive.
  • Don’t use numbers.
  • Don’t use Homophones. What on earth is a homophone I hear you say? Words that are easily mistaken such as there, their and they’re.
  • Choose  your top level domain name wisely. .com for business and global reach, .org for non profits etc
  • Ask other people what they think of your domain name.

Once you have chosen your domain name and you have checked that is available through your intended hosting provider you can then proceed to the next step of choosing a hosting package. Again I would recommend hostgator as installing wordpress is very very easy.

This link is for the hostgator domain name checker.  

Hosting is basically where you can store your website and all the data that goes on to it. Once you have checked to see that your domain name is available you just continue to to step 2, fill in your details and then click “create account”. You will then receive an email with all the information you need, your website address, the address for your cpanel, the address for your admin site to create your wordpress website and all associated passwords.

For more information on this see my post How to setup a self hosted WordPress Website.

What is Cpanel (Control Panel)? Cpanel is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to make it easy for you to manage your websites on the server of your hosting provider. It allows you to install software, manage emails, use FTP (File Transfer Protocol). We will use it install the wordpress software.

I have inserted a quick youtube video here to walk you through this very easy step of installing wordpress using quick install.

Once you have followed the steps outlined in the video you will then have your very own website hosted on the internet with wordpress as your content management system. Well done and it wasn’t hard to do was it?

The next step is to get familiar with the WordPress Administration Dashboard so you can start building your website and choose a stunning them for your brand new website.

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