Wordpress admin bar in front end

The WordPress Admin Bar

The wordpress admin bar is always at the top left of your website and it is the name of your website. It is only visible if you are logged into your wordpress dashboard. See the picture below I have taken whilst writing this post in the back end, at the top left is the name of my website and that is the link to the admin bar while viewing your site. Read more

Wordpress admin area screenshot, SEO Sole

What Is The WordPress Dashboard And How Do I Use It?

Once you have bought your domain name, sorted your hosting out and installed wordpress, see my blog posts “getting started with wordpress” and “how to setup a self hosted wordpress site” if you haven’t already done this, you will have been emailed your login details by your host provider. Enter the URL into your browser and input your access details. You are now logged in to your wordpress admin area. Read more

getting started with wordpress picture

Getting Started With WordPress

Getting started with wordpress. Don’t panic, setting up wordpress is incredibly easy, in fact their famed slogan of a “5 minute install” isn’t far off.

The first port of call is getting a domain name. The domain name is the address of your website, the part you type in to a browser, such as this site www.buildabusinessonline.info Read more

what is worpdress image

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? That’s a great question, WordPress is an open source blog software package that has rapidly developed over the last few years into an extremely easy to use content management system. It makes it easy for anyone, and I do mean anyone, to set up their own website in an hour or so. Best of all, since it’s open source, it’s completely free! Unbelievable. Read more