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Learn How To Build Your Own Stunning Website

Learn How To Get Relevant Traffic Realise your only limitation is your imagination Understand Google, Google Analytics and Google Adwords Or Simply Ask Me To Do It For You
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I Would Love To Build You a Stunning Website

I Can Setup Google Adwords For You To Get Targeted Traffic Have A Look At My Portfolio Of Websites I Can Run A Tailored SEO Package For You To Get You Organic Traffic Contact Me To Discuss Your Requirements I Would Love To Hear From You

Website Design

Stunning, Responsive Websites built to fulfil your requirements. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Search Engine Optimisation

Make sure your website attracts and converts relevant traffic. Incredibly affordable and tailored SEO package delivered in line with google best practices.

Knowledge Base

If you want to do it yourself everything you need to know about WordPress, SEO, and starting your own small business is searchable on this site. There is also an inspiring motivational section too!

What Is SEO Sole?

Hi, I’m Liam and I want to share a short story with you about how SEO Sole came to be and how you could build a business on your own or with my help.

So the last few years have been tough for everyone. My wife was made redundant twice in as many years and my job was also at risk for a long enough period. We were scared, stressed out, angry. It was a real eye opener, you suddenly see a side of humanity thats ugly and people become driven by self preservation at your expense, you can understand that.

My wife was in medical sales, her heart wasn’t in it anymore so when the second redundancy came we turned it into an opportunity. We were tired of never having control of our lives, of busting a gut for someone else to prosper, of the uncertainty. So we struck out on our own path. She had always loved photography and she wanted to become a wedding photographer so we just decided that’s what she would do.

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Clarissa did a load of courses and got setup with the bare minimum of kit. She started by doing a few weddings for friends as a shadow photographer and that gave me enough material to use for a website. I have a Masters in Computing Science and have always wanted to use those skills for something exciting but you know Moore’s law, computing changes so fast and when I did my Masters google wasn’t the force it is now. So I did my research too and decided on WordPress as a platform. I also figured out what was involved in marketing a website, optimising it for google, how to get traffic to it, how to use adwords and all the other in and outs of setting up a business, registering it, tax returns etc. I had thousands of questions but we figured it out over the last few years and my wife now has a wonderfully successful wedding photography company.

Clarissa Lloyd Photography.

She has never been happier, for the first time in her life she is in control of her own destiny and now she loves everyday instead of dreading 5 out of 7 every week. My life is so much better now too because she is happy, and I am also starting to apply what I have learned to new ventures, like this very website for one. It’s amazing how doors start opening when you don’t stop knocking them down.

That’s how SEO Sole came to be. SEO Sole is primarily my business website offering website development using wordpress, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing services. However,  I also wanted to share everything I have learnt, to give something back to this world. I have tried to fill it with everything I know and I split the blogs into WordPress, SEO, and Business. These were the three key areas I needed to develop to build our own successful business. I will continuously update the site as I go. I have also included a motivational blog with content that I used during those times in life when things get tough.

Everyone stumbles, everyone falls, If this helps just one person get back up then I have made a difference, I mattered.

About Me

My name is Liam Feltham. I recently got married in Santorini to the most amazing person I know, Clarissa. We currently live in the Midlands. Have 3 amazing cats. I have been working for an airline in the Uk for the last 7 years, and additionally, over the last three years I returned to IT and setup my own business, SEO Sole. Outside of work I love Snowboarding, Scuba Diving, Holidays, keeping fit, reading and relaxing with family and friends.

Relevant and Formal Qualifications

  • I have an MSc, Masters in Computing Science From The University Of Newcastle Upon Tyne.
  • I have a BA, Batchelors Degree in Business Studies and French from the University of Kingston Upon Hull.
Liam Feltham, SEO Sole Website Design

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